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The Methods branch provides the list of different methods used to produce numerical data. Defined by MethodsType, it contains one or more elements Method



Element Method provides information on a specific method used to produce numerical data reported in the XML file. Examples of numerical data include energy levels for atoms and molecules, wavelengths for radiative transitions, cross sections for atomic and molecular collisions, etc. Each Method element is identified by a methodID which is then referred to in the data section.


Extending PrimaryType, Method has the following additional attributes and elements:

  • mandatory attribute methodID of type MethodIDType, which is the method identification to which any numerical data can refer. This attribute must be composed of a capital letter M followed by one or more symbols.
  • optional attribute functionRef of type FunctionRefType, which is a reference to a fit function that was used within this particular method.
  • mandatory element Category, defined by type CategoryType as an item from the following list:
    • experiment
    • theory
    • ritz
    • recommended
    • evaluated
    • empirical
    • scalingLaw
    • semiempirical
    • compilation
    • derived
    • observed
  • mandatory string element Description, which is a free format text to describe the method.