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Environments branch of the schema allows to describe the environment that is important for example for transition line profile broadening or shifting.



Each Environment element may be used to describe a mixture of gases in thermodynamical equilibrium, characterized by the temperature, total pressure and composition.


Extending PrimaryType, environment has following attributes and child elements defned:

  • mandatory envID attribute of type EnvironmentIDType
  • optional Temperature element of type DataType
  • optional TotalPressure element of type DataType
  • optional TotalNumberDensity element of type DataType
  • optional Composition element of type CompositionType, defined as a list, containing at least one of the Species elements.

Each of the Species elements may be defined by either name attribute, containing arbitrary name, or speciesRef attribute pointing to a complete description of a component in the Species branch of XSAMS.

For each of the Species one of PartialPressure, MoleFraction or Concentration elements, each of the DataType, must be defined.